About ME

I’m Rikki. I live in a suburb 3 seconds out of Atlanta, but am by no means a “southern girl”.  I was raised in a suburb of Detroit. Once in  a while, I let a y’all slip into my parlance.  It’s okay.

I’m in my 30s and am married. My husband Amit is from Israel and we met there when I studied abroad during college. We are living in Atlanta because Amit is in Chiropractic school at Life University.  We will likely stay in Atlanta after Amit graduates in March 2012. I like the warm winters and saying y’all.

Amit and I have a “practice poodle” named Shimon. He is a “practice poodle” because we are practicing for raising children someday.  With that being said, our future children are likely doomed. Shimon opens the refrigerator to help himself to a snack, and then proceeds to scarf down an entire stick of butter, with the wrapper. Oy.

I’m a teacher. My mom is a teacher. My dad is an attorney, and teaches paralegal training. I cannot escape this. I’ve tried to escape it, and still actively try, but you can’t get away from who are you are at your very core. I am finding peace with this. I am a teacher on my own terms. I teach independently by tutoring students after school. No administrators, no curriculum guide, no recommended pacing. I go where the student needs me to go.

I’m a student. I learn and practice my yoga. I have been practicing just over a year now and can’t remember last time anything (besides meeting my husband) had such an impact on my life. It’s all unfolding and changing all the time. I’m learning about myself, mentally, and physically, as well as the world and my perspective.

My desire is to lead a healthy life that is in line with our family’s Chiropractic and Wellness beliefs. I took up running as a means to control my weight. Through food journaling, yoga, and running, I’ve managed to burn away 45 extra pounds from my body.  I feel amazingly strong, and proud. I have changed many of my eating habits and am eating a mostly fruit and vegetable diet with limited dairy and processed foods.  I continue to run my ass off….  and ran my first half marathon 3/20/11!


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